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Monday, March 21, 2016

Free Crochet Pattern: Easy Sunglass Pouch

(Shown in Hobby Lobby I love this Yarn Amethyst)

I have ruined so many good pairs of sunglasses by throwing them in my purse and I am way too cheap to spend 10 bucks (or more) on a case at the store but as I threw away the last pair that I ruined I thought, why not crochet a case? 

I kept this very simple but you can fancy it up with crochet flowers or other appliques. Make sure you use a nice soft yarn that won't scratch your glasses, I used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn but I also recommend Red Heart With Love yarn for this project. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask and as always, thank you for stopping by!

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Size: Approx. 8" x 4"

Worsted weight yarn, approx. 100 yd.
Size H (5.0 mm) Crochet Hook
1, 20 mm button
Tapestry needle

Abbreviations (US Terms):
Ch - Chain
Hdc - Half Double Crochet
Hdc2tog - Half Double Crochet 2 Together
Sc - Single Crochet
Sk - Skip

Important Notes:
-Ch 1 does not count as an hdc.
-Hdc2tog does count as an hdc.

4 hdc & 3 rows = 1"

Row 1: Ch 30, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each across. (29 hdc)
Row 2-22 : Ch 1, turn, hdc in each across. (29 hdc)

Place a stitch marker in the last and first stitch of row 22 (as shown below).

(click images to enlarge)

Row 23: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog 2 times, hdc in 21, hdc2tog 2 times. (25 hdc)
Row 24: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog, hdc in 21, hdc2tog. (23 hdc)
Row 25: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog 2 times, hdc in 15, hdc2tog 2 times. (19 hdc)
Row 26: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog, hdc in 15, hdc2tog. (17 hdc)
Row 27: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog 2 times, hdc in 9, hdc2tog 2 times. (13 hdc)
Row 28: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog, hdc in 9, hdc2tog. (11 hdc)
Row 29: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog 2 times, hdc in 3, hdc2tog 2 times. (7 hdc)
Row 30: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog, hdc in 3, hdc2tog. (5 hdc)
Row 31: Ch 1, turn. Hc2tog, hdc in 1, hdc2tog. (3 hdc)
Row 32: Ch 1, hdc in first, ch 2, sk 1, [hdc, ch 1, sl st] all in the last sp.
Fasten off. Sew in ends.

Next, lay the piece in front of you with the button hole at the top. Fold the bottom up and line it up with the stitch markers you previously placed.

Keeping the stitch markers where they are, slip them through the corners that you just folded up also. This will help keep everything in place.

Now, turn the piece over and join yarn with a sl st in the lower right corner. 

Making sure your hook is through both pieces, ch 1 and sc across edge. When you reach where your stitch marker is you can remove it and work 2 sc's in this space, continue to sc along the edge until you reach the top. Work 3 sc over the ch 2 then proceed to work down the last side, don't forget to work 2 sc's in the space with the stitch marker.

Fasten off, and sew in ends. Now you can sew on your button, my button is sewn to the center of the 6th row from the bottom.

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